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The Sunday Review: Packing, Baking & A Good Read

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Happy Sunday all! Hope you are all cozied up by the fire, full of food and perhaps a glass of something boozy. It is bloody arctic today in the UK so I am curled up underneath blankets, gilets and the sort. I even dug out my old UGG boots to give my frostbitten feet a fighting chance. 
This is the first of my new 'The Sunday Review' series - let me know if you like it please! Every Sunday I aim to conclude, hopefully with some sense of achievement, what I accomplished in the week gone, and set myself goals for the coming one. 

This last week has been a typical 'January Blues' slump. Mediocre baking, unfinished books and too many hours spent rewatching the first season of Gossip Girl. It has most definitely not been the most productive of weeks, however I have been getting some much needed relaxation in.
As an incredibly slow reader, hopefully some of you can relate, I get so frustrated with my inability to finish a book in less than a month. I am, I must say, loving my current read IQ84 by Haruki Murakami (check it out), but I am a bit of a book-whore. Sauntering around book shops, endlessly perusing through the shelves, ordering endless amounts of Samples on my Kindle.. but never getting round to reading them. 

This week my aims are fairly dull and administrational.. Organise what I need to take back to uni, manage to fit all of that into a box and ship it across, manage to not freak out when I realise I have way more crap than first though.. insert glass(es) of wine round about here.. re-pack my bag in the hopes that I will finally be that easy-going, minimalistic hippy I've always dreamed, get to uni and freak out because I have nothing to wear. 

Here's to this week, cheers!

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