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ASOS Sale Steals

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As I impart wisdom upon you all on what to grab from the ongoing (still?!) Januaray sales, I am currently sat in bed in an old, over-sized Disney World t-shirt (cheers dad for letting me raid your wardrobe) However, the intention to organise my wardrobe and pick up a few of these steals myself is very much there. I decided in dragging this process out for myself I will hopefully help out those of you wanting to revamp their wardrobe so it's all shiny and new for 2015. Let me know what great steals you picked up this month in the comments (I'm, nosy like that.. and may try and buy them too!)

Culottes - £39
Pointed Shoes - £17
Lace Dress - £30
Vintage Dress - £19
Stripe Dress - £22
Leopard Coat - £48

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