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Weekend in London

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Yesterday evening I arrived back from a lovely weekend in London visiting my best friend. It was a break that I really needed and I am now feeling a little bit more myself! 

We plunged ourselves into the deep-end: Oxford Street on Black Friday!! It was worth the madness to see the beautiful twinkly lights and pick up a couple bargains though. London is one of those places where you are constantly surrounded by people yet feel like you're in your own little world - or is that just me? If you love Christmas as much as I do you will understand the kid-in-a-sweet-shop feeling you get walking around London at night!

After a wonderful dinner on Friday night at a little Italian restaurant we wandered over to Covent Garden to get milkshakes from Shake Shack - we got banana, peanut butter and marshmallow sauce (totally worth it) 

The following Saturday we headed down to Southbank Christmas market and strolled down to Tate Britain for the JMW Turner exhibition. Definitely a must-see for any art lovers!

Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing weekend as well! Make sure to take time to yourself and treat yourself every now and again :)

Cara x

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