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Mini Body Shop Haul

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O2 Priority Moments are currently giving away 40% off The Body Shop in-store, so I thought it would be rude not to pay them a little visit.

I picked up a couple classics and a few winter skin saviours. Firstly, I grabbed one of the few remaining bottles of Argan Oil Body Lotion (the discount doesn't apply to argan oil products) because there has been so much hype about this product so I wanted to find out for myself. Yes, it is completely worth the hype. It smells amazing, soaks into your skin quickly and leaves you feeling hydrated and silky smooth - perfect for this time of year. The bottle is also very handy as it has a pump.

The next winter essential was a new Body Polisher - not overly exciting but crucial for getting rid of that layer of dry winter skin. Leaves you glowing as well!

The Wild Rose products have always been a personal favorite of mine as they smell so delicious - exactly like Turkish delight, which I love! I picked up the 30ml hand cream which is ideal for popping in your handbag on a cold day to prevent your hands getting dry.

Next I picked up the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, I have used and loved the Clarifying toner form this range for years (you can hear me ramble on about this toner more in a previous post) and since I needed a new face mask I decided to give this one a go. It left my skin a lot clearer, removed lots of those pesky blackheads and made it feel silky smooth!

Finally, I made sure to get a little bottle of Tea Tree Oil which is a miracle remedy for blemishes and breakouts. As someone who occasionally gets a spot, but when I do it is large, red and normally sets up camp in the middle of my face - I want it gone fast. This stuff is perfect for just that: natural, antiseptic, and nourishing it will diminish the appearance of spots over night.

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