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Dealing with Stress & Anxiety

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Firstly, I apologise for how long it has been since I have posted anything. I will hopefully explain in this post and get back into my normal routine soon! Secondly, this is going to be a fairly personal, perhaps depressing post, but ultimately I hope it will be helpful.

My Story

I started my second year at university in September of this year, excited to move into my new house with my six friends, one of whom I was dating casually, and to start my course again. Yes, I know, living with someone you've been dating for only 7ish months is risky, but we were expert at keeping it casual and not expecting too much of each other.
The second night after moving in I caught him kissing my best friend (who we also live with) swiftly ending our so-called simple relationship.
Our house has been a place of emotional strain and has been clouded with an uncomfortable atmosphere since then. As someone who is a long-time sufferer of anxiety this put an enormous strain on me as it began to affect my mental health, appetite, work and general mood.
Fast-forward nine weeks and I find them kissing in bed and discover they have been sleeping together the whole time.

How I'm Coping

  • I have been taking an antidepressant/anxiety medication since September (I won't disclose which one for personal reasons) Also, to clarify, I have been wanting to take medication for it since before this incident.
  • Meditation classes every Monday and a mediation app called 'Get Some Headspace'. This is a great app for anyone suffering any form of stress, from work to home to school. You can do 10 minute sessions as well if you're looking for something quick.
  • Yoga classes every Wednesday. This has been incredibly enjoyable so far, I had never done it before and found that it really stretches me out, which helps to relax.
  • Counselling every Wednesday. If you feel like you have no one to talk to about a problem, or just want an outside opinion, seeing a counsellor is extremely helpful. No matter the problem, even if you think it is silly, it might just help to get it off your chest.

Other Solutions

These are some easier things you can do for free to relax, de-stress or just clear your head, everyone should do these from time to time!
  • Long walks - try not to walk somewhere busy if you can, preferably a park or beach or somewhere you feel calm. If you can't escape the hussle and bussle of everyday life pop your headphones in and play some relaxing music like classical.
  • Reading - getting into a good book can be an amazing way to get out of your own head and get absorbed in another world.
  • Herbal tea - if you are feeling stressed stay away from caffeine!! Especially before bed, trying having green tea, chamomile or rooibos. All are caffeine free and have amazing health benefits.
  • Good nights sleep - insomnia can be a side effect of stress so it is important to unwind before bed to try an avoid further anxiety in your life.
  • Spending time with people who care about you!! I can't stress this point enough, surrounding yourself with fake or self-involved people will only add to your stress. Hanging out with close friends or family is a great distraction from stress.
Most importantly, try your best to focus on yourself. Treat yourself to something you enjoy if you are stressed, and make sure to do things that make you happy. 

Cara x

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  1. Aw no he sounds a bit of a poo, great personal post though, I hope you begin to feel better soon! Abi :)