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Exploring the Beach & Dog Walking

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Hey guys! Sorry it has been so long since I have last posted. I went away to Bristol for a week sorting out some stuff with my new house, where there is unfortunately no wifi! This turned out to be a welcomed break and I actually had a really lovely time (may do a little blog post on that too once I've gone through all the photos)

Today I had a 'test photo shoot' as a sort of preamble to next week's shoot I'm taking part in for a fashion company. Had to be up fairly early, but it was such a lovely sunny day I actually didn't mind for once! Once I was done there I headed down to see some friends and go explore the beach. Sadly, we were unable to get down to the beach itself as it turned out you had to climb down a cliff covered in gorse and rocks so we decided to walk along the lovely grassy hills instead.

It was such a stunning day and it felt like summer again! One of my friends brought her little dog with us on the walk, she was very excited to get out and have a run about!

Let me know if you guys like these more chatty sort of posts!
Cara x

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