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Cheesecake Brownie Slices

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Today was a day for baking, blogging and listening to my current favourite: George Ezra. I saw this recipe on Pinterest (another current craze for me) and had to make them immediately! It has two layers - the bottom one being a chunky chocolate brownie and the top a creamy *low fat* cheesecake - now what isn't tempting about that? However, the recipe is American so there was a bit of googling when I needed to convert but it came out wonderfully!

The last photo is not great since I took it this evening before eating it and they also broke up a little when I tried to scoop them out of the dish. Looks aside, they are so moreish! Definitely worth a try!

Cara x

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  1. I've made these before! They look so pretty too I love the swirly bits you get! Abi :) MyW0rldMyView