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University Tips & What to Pack

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It's that time of year again when results are in and university is just around the corner. Hopefully this will help those of you who are eagerly (and somewhat nervously) awaiting your first year. This September I am going into my second year and want to pass on all of the advice I gathered during my 'freshers' year! This will be quite a rambly one, so grab a cup of tea and read on!


  • This may be an obvious one, but a helpful tip nonetheless - EMAIL! Make sure you have constant access to your university email and that you get notifications through to your phone if possible. The university will send you a lot - a lot - of emails so make sure you read them all! Most will not be critical to you, but they will contact you about cancelled lectures, exams, and modules via email.
  • Once you get your lecture timetable draw up a timetable (I made a colour coded one referring to my modules so I could clearly see what books I needed when I was rushing around in the morning)
  • They will send you an ungodly reading list of what you should read before you arrive. Now, I'm not saying ignore this completely.. but don't fret if you don't read it all. I would rather look into the modules in more detail and read up about what interests you.
  • Referencing. I can't stress this enough! If you can, learn how to reference according to your university's guidelines (these may vary depending where you are so double check first!) I learnt referencing at school, but found out the hard way that it is different at university. It will save you heaps of time when you are writing essays!
  • If you're worried about spending at university make sure you get your deal savvy hat on! There are hundreds of deals out there for students you just need to hunt them down. Some student discounts that have been extremely helpful this past year are: 16-25 Railcard that gives you a 1/3 off your train tickets, 10% off for students at Topshop and half price Premium Spotify account. You can either use an NUS card or go to UNiDAYS and enter your student number to find out even more offers!

What to Pack:

I'll quickly run through the items in the photo, just some basics! A large bag has been a lifesaver, this one is from Accessorise and has been perfect for carrying my laptop, books, purse, water and lunch when I'm spending the day at uni! Next, a Cath Kidston pencil case, fairly self-explanatory but always handy! I am an infamous notebook collector, hardly written in notebooks clutter drawers and shelves, but they are helpful for making notes in lectures. This one is a Paperblank notebook from Waterstones.
If you are in a self-catered residence then having recipes on hand is much needed for those nights when inspiration is lacking. This cute notebook is from Paperchase and has dividers for main meals, sides, desserts and drinks. It is great because I can write down the recipes I actually use, rather than bringing dozens of cookbooks! Finally, a disposable camera - a fun way to capture memories from your first year at university. I have put all (nearly 200) of mine into a photo album now!

Hope this was helpful for those of you heading off to uni - let me know what your tips are and if you're excited!
Cara x

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