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Fresh Starts & Organisation

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Hey guys! Lately, I've been getting the feeling that my life needs an update, whether that be the health, beauty or fashion aspects of it. These sorts of changes are normally pigeon-holed to New Year's resolutions or spring cleans. The reason behind my sudden urge to change may be because I have recently moved into a new house and have kick-started the organising trend in my life.
I have made some lists of the things I have been doing lately to revamp my life a little.


  • I know this is an obvious one guys but I've been trying my very best to drink more water. I want to drink about 2L per day as it really helps keep your skin clear and remove toxins.
  • Starting to go for early morning walks or jogs to get my circulation going at the start of each day, which will help keep my skin healthy and mind working all day.
  • Yoga classes! This is a fun one that I have never done before and that I'm hoping will help with general fitness and flexibility, but also with relaxation and stress relief.
  • I have been obsessed recently with smoothies! Ever since I bought my Breville Active Blend I have been making smoothies constantly (I might do a separate post reviewing the blender and including some of my favourite recipes)


  • Having a simple and efficient skincare routine is very important as I don't want to overwhelm my skin with too many different chemicals or perfumes. At the moment I cleanse my skin with 'Garnier's Pure Active' face wash, then use my 'Clinique Anti-blemish' exfoliating toner and finally finish by using 'Simple's illuminating mousturiser'
  • I am getting a new haircut later this week, this always makes me feel a bit fresher a new. (I will do a post on my new hairstyle and my haircare routine once it's done!)


  • Clearing out my wardrobe has been a major part of my fresh start this past month. I want to narrow my wardrobe down to as few pieces as possible and from now on only buy pieces that I really love.
  • Trying new things and that I never thought I would wear or could pull off has also turned out to be a lot of fun and given me a great confidence boost to be able to wear whatever I want. I have been loving vintage shops at the moment too. 
These are just a few little things I have been doing lately to get myself more organised and more inspired to accomplish the things I want to achieve. Feeling good inside and out can be a great motivator to become more productive. Let me know what you guys have been doing lately to motivate yourselves!

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  1. I saw your comment on zoellas blog so thought i'd take a look, and this post is so helpful!
    Its really motivatiing and uplifting to see posts like this so thankyou. If you have the chance, please check out my blog too, Littlemisscazzie.blogspot.com thankyou! xx

    1. Thank you so much - gad you found it helpful! Your cake pop recipe looks amazing, I'll definitely give this one a try :) xx