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50 Facts About Me

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As this is a new blog I thought it might be nice for you guys to get to know me a bit better, so I decided to do the 50 Things About Me tag. Hope you guys find it interesting, let me know if we have anything in common!

  1. My name is Cara (haha an obvious one)
  2. I'm a vegetarian
  3. I am nineteen years old
  4. My favourite cuisine is probably Mexican
  5. The first song I ever downloaded on my iPod was 'Scar Tissue' by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (onto my first generation, 1GB ipod when I was about 10)
  6. I have two lobe piercings per ear and my top left cartilage too (thinking about getting my tragus but I'm scared - has anyone got one?)
  7. I have lived in South Africa, America, Canada and the UK
  8. I did horse riding for 8 years
  9. I have anxiety
  10. I have a huge fear of bees
  11. My favourite flowers are lilies
  12. I have two passports
  13. I secretly love Leonard Cohen, I think his voice is magical, yet still a little bit depressing
  14. I bruise ridiculously easily, I'm constantly covered 
  15. I have had 5 pets in my life: 2 fish called Mongo and Pongo (I know), 2 cats called Macy and Umfaan, and a dog called Montana
  16. I have never smoked and never will
  17. I'm always freezing cold, especially my hands and feet
  18. I hate mushrooms
  19. I always leave a little bit of tea in the bottom of my mug/cup
  20. I have been driving for a year now and passed my test on the fifth attempt (awkward shame face)
  21. My favourite cities are New York, Paris, Amsterdam and Bristol
  22. I love art and think it would be amazing to become an art dealer one day
  23. I went on my first ever rollercoaster on the 11th of July 2014 (yep, last Thursday) and it was the scariest, most crazy thing I have ever done
  24. I have way too many clothes, but never have anything that goes together
  25. I hate wearing high heels
  26. I am 5"6
  27. My earliest memory is hiding under my parents duvet during a hurricane when we lived in Florida and I must have been about 3
  28. I love organisation but am still really messy
  29. Hugging a koala bear is very high up on my bucket list
  30. One of my favourite things to eat is peanut butter
  31. The 'In Between Dreams' album always makes me happy
  32. I have a ukulele and am attempting to learn how to play it, considering I am very non-musical
  33. I drive a royal  blue VW beetle
  34. I currently work in a hotel reception
  35. The ocean is one of my favourite places, the smell and sound always calm me down 
  36. I've lived next to the ocean for about half of my life and hate it when I'm not
  37. I like graffiti (never done it of course)
  38. I've rode an elephant and petted a cheetah
  39. I have a Nintendo DS and was completely obsessed with Mario Kart and Animal Crossing (still am a little)
  40. I have never broken a bone
  41. I am crazy bad at Scrabble
  42. I enjoy watching rugby and support the Springboks
  43. My favourite cocktail is a mojito
  44. I don't have any tattoos, but would like one
  45. I love scary movies
  46. I'm allergic to penicillin
  47. I used to hate my name when I was younger
  48. I also used to want to be a singer (trust me I can't)
  49. I want to be fluent in: Italian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Swedish, French and German
  50. I have kept probably hundreds of journals where I used to write out really elaborate stories with drawings of characters, but would never get past the first few chapters

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