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In today's world of smart phones, Instagram, and constant internet access, can we say that photography is becoming something that we take for granted? If so, how do we recapture the heart and soul of a once masterful art? 

Recently, I have been using disposable cameras from Boots that have a mere 27 photos on them! I must say, the shift from a snap-happy iPhone user, able to capture every moment (and several identical backup photos) to being limited to less than 30 photos was a challenge. The first real struggle, which has proved to be a blessing in disguise, is trying to decide what you want to use your precious film on. I spend longer now thinking about which few select moments I want to save forever and which ones I'm better off without. When I scroll through the photos stored on my laptop I've noticed there are a lot of street views, buildings and scenic shots - and I have no idea where I took them or why for that matter! Using a disposable camera (that usually lasts me one month) forces me to only capture the most important moments. 
Me enjoying having a late night photo
   (with a finger-in-front-of-lens blunder)  

"Does my hair look okay in that? Oh God no! Can we retake that one? Maybe do one with flash on and one without?" Statements like this are a thing of the past with a disposable - you click and hope that it looks alright. True, sometimes the photos don't turn out the way you wanted, however this originally frustrating matter made me come to realise why they weren't turning out the way I wanted. The flash wasn't on, or maybe it was, the sun has set and there isn't enough light outside, that street light was too bright, etc., etc. Now, I'm not claiming to be an expert photographer just because I have learnt how to wind up and click a camera, but it does teach you basics that apply to any camera. 

In this day and age, one of the "perfect" selfie, has photography become a means of promoting oneself rather than to capture and record a moment? The ease of deleting, editing, adding filters and photoshopping until you have reached the standards of magazines and billboards is a more deeply rooted issue. Modern technology, particularly photography in my opinion, is creating a disillusioned view in people's minds of what they should look like and act like. I urge anyone who is reading this to go out, pick up a disposable camera and have some fun with photography again. Capture the things that really matter!


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