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Who doesn't love a good stock photo representing relationship troubles? 

Battling your way into a new relationship is a multifaceted, ego-driven, power-struggle. Serious game faces are needed here - 'aloof' is your new middle name.

If you are currently wading into the unknown depths of a new relationship like I am, then I'm here to provide some oh-so high school (yet ladylike) advice that even Blair Waldorf would envy.

If you haven't heard back from your new beau in a while (anything over 2 hours) here's what to do:

1) Breathe. And I mean the sort of zen breathing you would do on a cold mountain top surrounded by monks. This step is crucial as you need to be clear headed. It's very easy to let your thought-tap start running full force.. Soon you're head will be overflowing with, 'He obviously isn't messaging me back because he's not interested' 'Maybe he's gay' 'Oh my god, he's married' 'Maybe I should message him and ask if he is' 'No that's silly' 'I know, I'll just message him for the fifth time today asking how he is, where is he, what he's doing' STOP. And breathe.

2)Depending on the level of worked-up-ness that you find yourself I would recommend yoga for the anxious and kickboxing for the ever-so-slightly more anxious. Working up a sweat really puts those 'to text or not to text' doubts at bay.

If you have heard from your new beau, but with an agonising one-worded response, here's what to do:

Now here is where it gets tricky. One-worded responses can mean a variety of things: he's not that into you, he doesn't know what to say and/or he is illiterate.

Patience here is key. DO NOT under any circumstances reply within 24 hours.

If he is wondering why he hasn't heard from you in a while he might look back over the messages and realise it is because he sent a completely useless response of 'Okay' or 'Haha' - if he realises his mistake and messages you during the 24 hour waiting period then it is imperative you reply within a reasonable amount of time.. I mean, you don't want him to think you're playing any games.

If you don't hear from him within 24 hours, I would begin to unpack your black, mourning dresses.

How to interpret his messages:

1) 'Hey sorry for the late reply, I've been really busy lately' 
Haven't we all. I have been very busy myself.. checking facebook to see you were online the entire day. Either he was actually busy, but just leaves his facebook open for hours on end, or he completely forgot about your message, or he was talking to so many other people that you were completely bumped from the list into the nether regions of texting, alongside Aunty Jo and Dominos offers.

2) 'Hey, what's up?'
If an unanswered message from you precedes this seemingly innocent message, either he is stupid or he thinks you're stupid enough to un-see your message from last week lingering above. Whichever the case, do not take this one any further.

However, if this is not the case and it was genuinely a thoughtful, lovely message.. then it probably means 'Hey what's up?'

Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to hurdle relationship-game obstacles from your not-so savvy dating expert!

Cara x

Some music I have been loving this month.. it was hard to narrow it down! Let me know in the comments what you've been loving xx

Starting another new feature (hopefully) of a collection of things I've been loving recently. This week I have been loving a lot. The biggest steal and purchase I am most proud of is this camel coat, aka the blogger coat. £25 from a charity shop. Never underestimate what you might find while digging through the racks of Oxfam or Save the Children. The skirt (sigh, just look at it!) is from topshop for £35. I just feel oh so sophisticated when I wear this bad boy. Teaming these with black, heeled boots (both are form topshop) apart from adding some height to my 5-foot-something self, they pull the outfit together. A huge scarf is a necessity in this sub-zero weather, I have been living in this huge grey cashmere scarf that used to be my aunt's. 
Beauty bits and bobs include Alexa Chung's range of Eyeko eyeshadow crayons. So easy to apply and lasting colour is a god-send for a lazy make-up-er like myself. Chanel's Coco Noir perfume has transitioned from my evening scent to my all day, every day scent. Its dark and romantic aroma adds an element of sexy winter-time allure. Finally, my best friend: L'oreal Super Liner. If you like winged liner, just get it. You'll understand soon. 
Oh how could I forget my newest book purchase, Paris Street Style. Lovely photography and outfit inspiration for those days when you just don't know what to wear.

Happy Sunday all! Hope you are all cozied up by the fire, full of food and perhaps a glass of something boozy. It is bloody arctic today in the UK so I am curled up underneath blankets, gilets and the sort. I even dug out my old UGG boots to give my frostbitten feet a fighting chance. 
This is the first of my new 'The Sunday Review' series - let me know if you like it please! Every Sunday I aim to conclude, hopefully with some sense of achievement, what I accomplished in the week gone, and set myself goals for the coming one. 

This last week has been a typical 'January Blues' slump. Mediocre baking, unfinished books and too many hours spent rewatching the first season of Gossip Girl. It has most definitely not been the most productive of weeks, however I have been getting some much needed relaxation in.
As an incredibly slow reader, hopefully some of you can relate, I get so frustrated with my inability to finish a book in less than a month. I am, I must say, loving my current read IQ84 by Haruki Murakami (check it out), but I am a bit of a book-whore. Sauntering around book shops, endlessly perusing through the shelves, ordering endless amounts of Samples on my Kindle.. but never getting round to reading them. 

This week my aims are fairly dull and administrational.. Organise what I need to take back to uni, manage to fit all of that into a box and ship it across, manage to not freak out when I realise I have way more crap than first though.. insert glass(es) of wine round about here.. re-pack my bag in the hopes that I will finally be that easy-going, minimalistic hippy I've always dreamed, get to uni and freak out because I have nothing to wear. 

Here's to this week, cheers!

I don't know who isn't following this amazing lady anymore.. but if you are one of the few.. what are you doing?! Style icon, traveller and general inspiration for us all - what's not to love about Chung? Need I say anything more?

This lady is a super gorgeous fashion blogger, posting stunning ootds and countless cups of coffee. I want to steal her style and effortlessly chic lifestyle.

Right, if you have a French bulldog obssesion like I do, this account will be a god-send. The dogs of the girlfriend of a photographer I used to work with back in the day (my vague connection with these adorable pups) Gorgeous photography and dogs!! What more could you want?

This chic's blog is seriously amazing (same as her IG account name) Her photography and fashion look is just my taste, so go check her out and thank me later!

Ahh, Paris! Warning: only view these photos if you want to be crazily envious of this lady's picturesque Parisian lifestyle. Coffee at quaint cafes, jaw-dropping architecture and that rustic yet stylish vibe that this wonderful city oozes. Parfait!

As I impart wisdom upon you all on what to grab from the ongoing (still?!) Januaray sales, I am currently sat in bed in an old, over-sized Disney World t-shirt (cheers dad for letting me raid your wardrobe) However, the intention to organise my wardrobe and pick up a few of these steals myself is very much there. I decided in dragging this process out for myself I will hopefully help out those of you wanting to revamp their wardrobe so it's all shiny and new for 2015. Let me know what great steals you picked up this month in the comments (I'm, nosy like that.. and may try and buy them too!)

Culottes - £39
Pointed Shoes - £17
Lace Dress - £30
Vintage Dress - £19
Stripe Dress - £22
Leopard Coat - £48

New year, new hair? Attempting to do more and worry less this year I went for the chop in the hopes of channeling muses Alexa Chung, Francoise Hardy and Bridget Bardot. These ladies epitomise for me what great style truly is, in terms of fashion and beauty. Simple, elegant lines and soft, muted colours. Natural beauties. 
There may be a sense of triviality in fashion and beauty, but that's why I have always loved it. Having the ability to express yourself through material means, giving something hollow and meaningless (like a handbag or new lipstick) meaning. 
Quality over quantity. A phrase I have recently been swearing by. Keeping my possessions to a minimum but really cherishing them. Minimalism will be a key trend in 2015. Watch this space.